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Transform an ordinary patio into an inviting, shaded retreat.

Are you looking for Patio Builders Houston? Then Simmons Home Design is where you can get it. In effect for maintenance free, we designed our roofs not to be rusted, warped, cracked, rotted, or even becoming infested with any insect of any kind. We create Patio Builders Houston for your comfort. Our company changes a simple patio into something beautiful. Our company also offers total Patio Covers Houston. We patio builders design some other things like an insulated roof. The covers we produce are produced from structural aluminum that is very high in quality as well as durable. These Patio Covers Houston protect you from the excess radiation of the sun as well as the conditions of harsh weather. It also reduces absorption of the AC energy.

Simmons Home Design gives a full series of beautiful and decorative ends of Awnings Houston. We have some laminated and insulated roof panels that are snapped together firmly to create a sturdy, structurally great roof plus sealed starting from the top to create a weather-proof hindrance that will guide your vehicle or patio from the weather or element. The Awnings Houston wrap up contain some gable roofs or shingles, a decorative beams as well as post. The ultimate outcome will be an ideal area for social gatherings and family activities. Our company’s finish aluminum parts are original that’s why they maintain their real color, last longer, gloss, and don’t rust. You will probably need a shed whenever the sun is hotter, therefore, getting a patio cover at Simmons Home Design will be the best thing to do. Get yours now and experience the best insulated as well as the laminated roof! Don’t you know that too much sun can spoil cars and even the skin? Go now for your patio cover and you will never experience the hotness of the sun again like before!


The insulated roof panel system is one of our most popular products. It provides the necessary protection from the sun and harsh weather conditions while reducing the AC energy consumption by approximately 15%. Also, the insulated roof is the ideal choice for the price conscious homeowner who’s in need of increasing the exterior patio area.

The insulated roof is an open roof with supporting columns that can be used as a carport, mobile home extension, or retrofitted to a screen room.

The insulated roof system from Simmons Home Design can be customized with additional accessories such as skylights, permacast columns, ceiling fans, and lighting options. We offer complete Santa Fe Packages for a beautiful decorative finish.

Color Options

Standard colors –  White or Ivory

Custom order colors – Sandstone or Wheat

Santa Fe Package

Santa Fe structure package included decorative beam and post, gable roof or shingles. The final result will be an ideal place for family activities and social Gatherings

Lattice Wrap combines solid insulated Laminated Roof Panel with embossed aluminum rafters to give enhanced dimension and style to your new Patio Cover.


3 Inch Insulated Pro-Fab series Roof Panel

Insulated Roof Panels begin with baked enamel finish on aluminum skins. These aluminum skins are permanently pressure bonded to a 3″ core of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene foam). EPS is a high-performance insulation recommended

by architects nationwide for many of today’s energy efficient homes. Using these insulated panels with our patio components create a strong, durable cover.

We use Pro-Fab which carries a stronger 1.5 pound density inner core compared to competitors who offer max a 1 pound core

We also offer a 4’ or 6’ Insulated panels that are limited to color options

3 Inch Riser Rhino-Pan Roof

Rhino-Pan is a revolutionary solid cover that’s ideal for patios or carports. Protect your home, outdoor furniture, and automobiles from the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause fading, cracking and deterioration.

Rhino-Pan is a 3” riser panel that’s designed for added strength, higher performance, and spans 25% farther than traditional patio covers. Its superior strength allows homeowners to construct covers without the addition of mid-span support beams. Manufactured from Galvalume is a patented coating process that is designed to protect the high-performance alloy with corrosion inhibitors used to manufacture the Rhino-Pan



Our insulated laminated roof panels snap together tightly to form a strong, structurally sound roof as well as being sealed from the top to form a weather-proof barrier protecting your patio or vehicle from the elements.*


Our covers are made from high-quality, structural aluminum. Virtually maintenance free, our roofs are designed not to rust, warp, crack, rot, or become infested with insects. Our factory finished aluminum components retain the original color, gloss, and texture longer and better than patio products made of alternate materials.

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