Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure

Adding a pool enclosure is a sound investment, both for the health and safety of your pool and guests, and also for the value of your home.  An aluminum pool enclosure can significantly raise your property value, make your pool safer for you and your community, and make maintaining the pool less of a hassle to deal with.

Makes Your Pool Safer

Having your pool fully enclosed makes it significantly less likely there will be an accident, be it from pets, passing animals, or children attempting to go for a dip unsupervised.  It’s not only the responsible thing to do, but it can save you money – especially in the case of other people potentially having an accident.

Keeps Your Pool Cleaner

While it may not directly clean your pool, an enclosure helps to minimize the amount of work the filter has to do.  Being inside a full pool enclosure means less dirt and grime getting into the pool, and virtually no leaves!  That alone is reason enough for this to be on your pool-to-do list – no one likes cleaning leaves out of the pool!

Adds Curb Appeal (and VALUE)

Not only does a pool enclosure look great from the road, it directly adds to the value of a home.  Adding an enclosure will easily pay for itself when you go to sell your house, both directly in the value added to the price you list it for, and aesthetically when showing the home (in-person or virtually).  A pool enclosure is an investment that pays dividends both up front and years from now.

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