How a Patio Screen Room can help you enjoy the outdoors again. Bugfree

Beautiful two story Patio Screen Room for Entertainment
two story patio screen room

With the school year beginning and summer ending, the time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family will be at night, when the hustle and bustle of the day wane. However, with the setting sun, come droves of mosquitoes and never-ending bug bites. To protect your loved ones or guests, you might break out the citronella candles, mosquito zappers, bug spray, and swatters. You may then realize that these tools are ineffective, loud, or require your undivided attention. We will cover additional solutions like Patio Screen Room, Glass Room and more. 

Many people first turn to bug spray and candles. Even with copious amounts or extensive placement, most individuals still swat and itching throughout the night. Zappers’ loud crackles are disruptive, and swatters give you extra work to do.

Regardless of the method used to deter pests, location is significant. If possible, spend time on decks or patios. Grass attracts even more bugs than other surfaces. While positioning can help, your goal should be to prevent and discourage breeding grounds and mosquitoes’ optimal territories. Screen Enclosures are a no fail option to work, as we will discuss later. Texas Mosquitoes in Texas are not a laughing matter. 

Several Ways to Remove or Reduce Mosquitoes: 

  • Apply mosquito-busting treatments.
  • Drain any standing water left over from the rain or sprinkler system.
  • Keep your lawns and landscape tidy.
  • Plant natural repellents such as Citronella, Lemongrass, or Lavender.

Even with taking steps to combat mosquitoes, they will never completely disappear. Being surrounded by a layer of protection can, however, limit bugs from invading your space. If you would like the option of sitting outside with a protective barrier, you can add a curtain to a pergola or sit on your custom-built patio screen enclosure. Or even an Aluminum Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure, also called Pool Cage

There’s also the option of embracing nature and the outdoors without being outside! Sunrooms allow you to admire nature outside while still being indoors. You can enjoy the outdoors year-round and get protection from more than just mosquitoes!  

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Patio Screen Room, Glass Rooms and Pool Screen Enclosure are a few examples.