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Pergola structures are crafted from heavy gauge aluminum and coasted with durable, stain-resistant resin pvc resin impervious to weather and time. Aluminum pergolas never need painting. Pergola products are available in white, ivory, beige, dark brown and adobe with a variety of end-cap styles to suit the style of your home and grounds.

Do you want to make your house very beautiful? Do you want your pergolas to be designed awesomely? Visit the Our website is created to make your home designs and pergolas decorated perfectly. We will design your pergolas making them look as beautiful and new as ever. We craft our pergola structure from heavy gauge aluminum. We also make use of the long-lasting strong coasted aluminum, PVC resin, and stain-resistant resin. All the materials we use in doing our pergolas work are impervious to any type of weather. The aluminum pergolas we make don’t need painting due to the permanent color that cannot be stained. The products we tender are not just in one color but in many such as ivory, white, beige, adobe, and dark brown. We present our products in different and variety of styles and designs. We strive to make sure that any design we make for your home will suit our customers’ needs perfectly.

We believe that our Pergolas Houston is a nice and exclusive method to keep your house in a good shape and add more elegance. We perform our constructions and designs in different types of houses whether bungalows, duplex, up-step, skyscrapers etc. Also, we don’t mind how big or small your house is. Just visits us at and watch us make your house a wonderful shaped place. There are many good reasons why one should have a Pergolas Houston at his or her house. One of the reasons is to get another shelter that is not your room. One could sit under a pergolas when it’s raining and also when the sun is shining so brightly. All you need is the free air that is touching your body. Don’t you want to receive nice air under a protected and beautiful shape too? Visit us and make your home a lovely place with pergolas.

A nice way to add elegance to YOUR HOME.

The shading coefficiency of our pergolas can be controlled by putting pickets closer together.